GameSqueezerCollection(GSC) is a project that aims to implement gameplay-level APIs - tool pipelines, collision systems, application state management, and other high-level features.


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Why Do I Want This?

Most game projects are aimed either towards singular game genres with specific goals, or are singular game engines which impose a certain rendering method, a certain collision system, et cetera. GSC encourages the opposite approach, of supporting fast creation of a customized engine by plugging in desired collision methods, data formats, etc., where most of the work is writing glue code to bind these things together.

GSC's approach puts performance considerations secondary to ease of development. This runs counter to the philosophy of almost every other game engine in existence. (GSC is open to optimizations that do not impede this goal, of course.)


GSC currently targets 2d bitmapped games in Flash using the haXe language.


Imports XML data formats for maps, fonts, and animations, supporting in particular Tile Studio and Angelcode Bitmap Font Generator.

Collision system "Stopcollision" based on swept 2d polygons: supports any arbitrary shape of polygon moving at any speed at integer-level accuracy, and makes guarantee of zero interpenetration so long as shapes do not start in an intersecting state.

GSC Module system: A method to structure uniform application state, to safely transition between menus and gameplay, etc.


Used and tested on Linux Mint; should run wherever haXe compiles.

Downloads and Documentation

Stable releases are posted on the Sourceforge Download page, or you can follow the current updates on SVN.
Documentation and development info is maintained through a wiki.


You are invited to subscribe to the mailing lists. If you find a bug or are looking for a feature, please let us know through the bug and feature trackers.
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